11° Edition

Apulia Tango Festival   

Bari (Italy),  31/05/'18 – 03/06/'18


“the tango of embrace”,

the tango of emotions, the tango of  elegance,

the tango of being and not of showing off, the tango of illusion.


The Festival will allow you to experience the real Buenos Aires

atmosphere, with its traditional, social tango, and with its night music rhythms.

A full immersion in the moods of tango together

with some of the most prestigious, renowned masters  in the world.


4 days and 4 nights in Bari, many artists, in the most welcoming land of Apulia, with workshops, live performances by the festival masters, milonga every night, milonga with orchesta live, afternoon milongas



- Javier Rodriguez 

- Moira Castellano

- Guillermo El Peque Barrionuevo

- Mariela Sametband 

- Claudio Ruberti

- Marco Gallizioli

- Annamaria Ferrara

- Michele Lobefaro

- Emanuela Benagiano

- Luca Morale

- Francesca Santangelo


Music live:

Orquesta Fantasma (Argentina)

International Tdj:

- Madia Tj Annese (Italy)

- Javier Guiraldi (Argentina)

- Tanita la Brujita (Italy)


 Special guests



Directly on the sea, a festival to unite the tango with an unforgettable holiday !!! 



















































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