Bari (Italy),

June 16-19, 2022

Directly on the sea, a festival to combine tango with an unforgettable holiday !!!


15th Apulia Tango Festival Bari


"The tango of the embrace",

the tango of emotions, the tango of elegance,

the tango of being and not of appearing, the tango of illusion.

 A festival to relive the atmosphere of Buenos Aires,

with its traditional, social tango, with its musical and nocturnal rhythms.

A full immersion with the best masters and dancers of international level, 4 days, many artists, in the welcoming land of Puglia, with workshops, shows by the masters / dancers of the festival, milongas every evening, live music with orchestras.


Invited masters and dancers:

- Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez

- Francesca Del Buono & Santiago Castro

- Juan Amaja & Valentina Garnier

- Anna Paradiso & Pierpaolo Pellegrini


Live music:

Orquesta Sonder Tango (Argentina)


International TDJs:

- Javier Guiraldi (Argentina)

- Rosita Aragione (Italy)

- Tanita la Brujita (Italy)

- Milena Lanza (Italy) 

y mas .............



















































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